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A Local’s Guide to Restaurants in Silverton Oregon

Silverton, Oregon may be a relatively small town, but there’s no shortage of delicious, and one-of-a-kind dining options here. In fact, people travel from around the world to sample the incredible produce found in our very own backyard: The Willamette Valley!

As a favorite Silverton OR lodging option here in town, we’re often asked by our guests for restaurant recommendations, so we put together this list of some of our all-time favorite spots! Whether you’re looking for a quick takeout option or a romantic dinner along the creek with a bottle of local wine, we’ve included an option to satisfy every appetite.

An Introduction to Restaurants in Silverton

Thanks to Silverton’s ideal gastronomical location in the abundant Willamette Valley, many restaurants in town highlight local, organic, seasonal produce from the region. What’s more, a large number of great cafes and restaurants are situated along Silver Creek, which runs through the center of downtown — so you can enjoy meal after meal on patios and decks overlooking the water!

It’s hard to narrow down all the great dining options in town to just our top 15, but below are some local favorites where you can’t go wrong.

15 of Our Favorite Silverton Oregon Restaurants

15. People’s Taphouse Pizza

For a slice of local flavor, head to People’s Taphouse. They serve hand-stretched, wood-fired pizzas that are a hit with the locals and visitors alike. The salads are as spectacular as the pizzas, and the ambiance is enhanced by their unique beer and cider selection, served from a century-old bank vault. It’s a perfect blend of history and taste that you won’t want to miss!

14. Silverton Coffee Station

Step into a piece of Silverton’s history turned sweet spot. The Silverton Coffee Station, once an old gas station, now serves delicious Allan Bros coffee and Cascade Glacier Gourmet Ice Cream. It’s a perfect stop for a quick, delightful treat right next to the river.

13. Akatsuki Sushi Bar

Dive into the flavors of Asia at Akatsuki Sushi Bar. Whether you’re in the mood for a sushi combo, a warm bowl of ramen, or a variety of chef-special rolls, this spot has it all. Plus, with pick-up and delivery options, it’s easy to enjoy their offerings from wherever you are in Silverton.

12. The Noble Fox

A recent addition to Silverton’s historic downtown, The Noble Fox has quickly become a local favorite, clinching top honors for its dining and happy hour experience. Offering a unique blend of brewery, whiskey bar, and retail space, it’s a perfect spot for those looking to savor the best of Silverton’s culinary offerings. With award-winning outdoor dining and an all-day Happy Hour to start the week, The Noble Fox is a must-visit for any food and drink aficionado.

11. Fin + Fowl Kitchen

This Silverton standout offers a Japanese-inspired menu that’s sure to delight. With a focus on local ingredients, Fin + Fowl Kitchen serves up delicious ramen, fresh sushi, and vibrant salads. Open from Wednesday to Saturday, it’s a perfect spot for a midday meal that promises fresh flavors and a commitment to quality.

10. Raw Blend Juicery

Embrace the power of raw nutrition at Raw Blend Juicery. Their commitment to fresh, local, and vegan-friendly options makes it the go-to spot for a healthful pick-me-up. Whether you’re looking for a juice cleanse or just a delicious smoothie, they have you covered.

9. The Curbside Italian Kitchen

For an authentic taste of Italy, The Curbside Italian Kitchen is a must-visit. Their menu boasts a variety of Focaccia sandwiches, gluten-free Eggplant Parmesan, handmade Cannelloni pasta, and delectable desserts like Sicilian Cannoli and gluten-free Tiramisu. It’s a true Italian feast right at the curbside.

8. Silver Falls Brewery Ale House

On Jersey Street in historic downtown Silverton, this is our favorite spot in town to sample some local brews. In addition to their great beers, they offer a menu of handcrafted food, including starters, soups, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. They have a great outdoor patio with a fire pit and a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. Don’t miss their “Hoppy Hour” Monday through Friday!

7. Mac’s Place

This restaurant is, in fact, the oldest building on the Silverton National Historic Registry, and the only building to survive the fire of 1934! It’s a well-loved Silverton institution serving up build-your-own pizzas and burgers, ever-changing nightly specials, and live music. They have a large, heated outdoor patio right on Silver Creek and serve plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options.

6. Garden View Restaurant and Lounge

The Garden View Restaurant offers a feast for the senses with its locally sourced cuisine and panoramic views of the lush Oregon Garden and rolling Willamette Valley. Whether you’re enjoying a complimentary breakfast as a guest, a leisurely lunch, or a romantic dinner, the experience is sure to be unforgettable.

5. El Caporal Taqueria

Craving some authentic Mexican food? This food truck serves up some mouth-watering tacos, tortas, burritos, sopes, tostadas, all-day breakfasts, and much more at great prices. They even have a drive-through window so you can conveniently grab some takeout to bring back to your RV!

4. Thai Dish Cuisine

This restaurant located in the Silverton Antique Mall is one of our favorite takeout/delivery options in town. Its classic Thai food is highly rated on sites like Google and TripAdvisor and customers frequently make the trip out from Salem just to eat here.

3. Little Leaf Cafe

Little Leaf Cafe invites you to join them for a meal by the creek, where every dish is made with love. Open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, they offer everything from scratch-made pastries to hearty wraps and hot sandwiches, not to mention their quality espresso drinks and house-made chai.

2. The Old Oak Oven

A tiny, vintage camper-turned-food-cart, this charming spot on Jersey Street serves amazing woodfired pizzas made with sustainable and local ingredients. You can get pizza by the slice or order a whole pie, but be sure to place your dinner order early as they are known to sell out in the evenings! They have great gluten-free pizza options too. 

1. The Den Food Court

Silverton may be small, but it packs a punch with The Den, a bustling food truck food court that showcases the best of Oregon’s street food culture. Here, you can experience the joy of casual outdoor dining while sampling an array of dishes from various food trucks. It’s a place where the community gathers, and the flavors are as diverse as the people serving them. From artisanal grilled cheese at Rustic Melt to a rotating selection of other local eats, The Den offers a taste of Silverton’s culinary spirit.

Silverton Restaurants That Deliver to Silver Spur

Of the restaurants featured on this list, Akatsuki (#13), Thai Dish Cuisine (#4), and El Caporal Taqueria (#5) currently offer delivery options in the Silverton area. For even more Silverton food delivery options, check sites like GrubHub or UberEats.

Venture Out: Nearby Oregon Restaurants Worth a Visit  

Just a short drive from Silverton, the neighboring town of Mount Angel is a delightful detour for food enthusiasts. This small Oregon town, steeped in a rich Bavarian heritage, is home to the Mount Angel Sausage Company, a family-run “Old World” sausage company that has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Their full-service German restaurant, European market, and wide variety of wursts offer a taste of Europe in the Pacific Northwest. The Food Network-featured Fire Haus Brats and their selection of German and Bavarian beers and wines make for a perfect gastronomic adventure.

In the same town, the Benedictine Brewery stands as a unique landmark, deeply rooted in the monastic life of Mount Angel Abbey. Here, the monks have combined centuries-old brewing traditions with the rich agricultural resources of the Willamette Valley. Utilizing hops grown on abbey land and the region’s pristine water, the brewery creates beers that are as much about heritage and craftsmanship as they are about enjoyment and community. Visitors are welcome to savor these artisanal brews and enjoy the serene atmosphere that only a place with such history can offer.

Beyond Mount Angel, the Willamette Valley unfolds as a rich tapestry of culinary experiences. Known for its fertile soils and abundant produce, the valley is a haven for food lovers and wine enthusiasts. From farm-to-table eateries to renowned wineries, the valley offers a diverse array of dining options that celebrate the local bounty.

For those looking to explore the best of Willamette Valley dining, our Willamette Valley dining guide is an excellent resource. With specific recommendations and insider tips, it’s the perfect companion for anyone eager to discover the flavors of this lush Oregon region.

Explore the Best Restaurants in Silverton Oregon at Silver Spur! 

As you can see, there are lots of great restaurants to experience here in Silverton, so get out there and get eating… Bon appetit! For more recommendations on things to do while you’re in town, check out our article highlighting the 15 best things to do in Silverton Oregon.

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