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Silverton & Salem Oregon Events: A Local’s Guide

Nestled in Oregon’s heartland, Salem and its enchanting neighbor, Silverton, offer a diverse array of events that capture the beauty and spirit of the Pacific Northwest. From cultural celebrations to nature-inspired festivals, Salem Oregon events are the perfect way to experience the region’s rich heritage, stunning scenery, and lively spirit. 

Having hosted countless guests while in town for these events, we put together some of our all-time favorites in Salem, Oregon, and beyond. Plan your trip accordingly so you don’t miss out on the fun! 

Salem Oregon Events: The Heart of Willamette Valley

Salem, Oregon’s capital, is more than just a political hub. Throughout the year, the city is buzzing with events catering to diverse interests. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone seeking entertainment, Salem has something special in store.

One of the most anticipated Salem Oregon events is the annual Cherry Blossom Day. As spring ushers in, Salem transforms into a pink wonderland. This event not only celebrates the onset of spring but also honors the profound influence of Japanese culture on Oregon. And even if you miss the festival, the State Capitol remains a breathtaking sight, renowned around the world for its stunning and expansive display of cherry blossoms.

Beyond the cherry blossoms, Salem hosts the World Beat Festival, a celebration of international cultures, music, and dance. The city also takes pride in its Salem Art Fair & Festival, which showcases local artists and craftsmen, offering a platform for their incredible talents.

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Silverton Oregon Events: A Hidden Gem

Silverton, with its quaint charm, is a treasure trove of unique events. The town boasts a vibrant crafters market and a bustling farmers market throughout the year, offering local produce and crafts that showcase the region’s rich agricultural heritage. 

For nature enthusiasts, the Silver Falls State Park is a must-see while in the area. One of its highlights is the Silver Falls marathon in November, recognized as one of the nation’s top trail races. The marathon route promises some of the most scenic views imaginable, with not one but ten waterfalls visible from a single trail! 

Silverton also hosts the Homer Davenport Community Festival every August, celebrating the life and works of the famous political cartoonist, Homer Davenport. The festival features a parade, live music, and many food stalls, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Another notable event is the Silverton Fine Arts Festival, which takes place in August. This festival showcases the works of local and regional artists, offering a diverse range of art forms, from paintings and sculptures to crafts and jewelry.

The Beauty of Oregon Garden Events

The Oregon Garden, spanning over 80 acres, is a mesmerizing blend of nature, culture, and community– and it’s just minutes from Silver Spur! Throughout the year, the garden becomes a hub for numerous events that cater to diverse interests. 

One of the standout events is Art in the Garden, where local artists display their masterpieces amidst the backdrop of blooming flowers, creating a surreal experience for visitors. The Summer Sessions at the Shed is another crowd-puller, offering live music in a relaxed setting, allowing guests to unwind and soak in the beauty of the garden. From educational workshops that delve into the intricacies of horticulture to seasonal celebrations that mark the changing beauty of the garden, there’s always something happening at the Oregon Garden.

Willamette Valley Events: More Than Just Wine

The Willamette Valley, with its rolling hills and picturesque vineyards, is not just about wine. While the region is renowned for its Pinot Noir, its cultural offerings are equally compelling. The valley hosts the Willamette Valley Wine & Jazz Festival, blending the region’s finest wines with soulful jazz music. Many local wineries hold unique events that combine wine tasting with activities like yoga or painting, offering a more holistic experience. 

The harvest season is particularly vibrant, with wineries opening their doors for tours, tastings, and grape stomping events. From the Pinot in the City event that showcases over 100 Willamette Valley wineries to the Magic in the Mushroom Festival celebrating the region’s rich fungal biodiversity, there’s always a reason to celebrate in the valley.

Spring Favorite: Woodburn Tulip Festival

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is a celebration of spring. As the snow melts away, the fields of Woodburn (less than 20 minutes from Silverton) burst into a riot of colors, with more than 40 acres and 100 varieties of tulips of every hue swaying in the breeze. 

The festival offers more than just a visual treat. Visitors can shop for tulip bulbs, indulge in local delicacies, and partake in wine-tasting sessions at the Wooden Shoe Vineyards. The festival also offers tractor rides and a play area, ensuring that there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. 

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Summer Favorite: Oregon State Fair 

The Oregon State Fair is the highlight of summer in Salem. The fairgrounds come alive with a wide range of classic and unique fair activities, from thrilling rides to live concerts. The Artisan’s Village showcases the craftsmanship of local artists, while the marching bands add a musical touch to the proceedings. 

Stunt shows, animal exhibits, and culinary competitions ensure that there’s never a dull moment. With something for everyone, from adrenaline junkies to art aficionados, the Oregon State Fair is a must-visit Salem Oregon event.

Fall Favorite: Mt Angel Oktoberfest

The Mt. Angel Oktoberfest is more than just a festival; it’s a tradition. Drawing inspiration from Germany’s rich Oktoberfest legacy, Mt. Angel’s version is a cultural extravaganza. Beyond the authentic dancing and expansive wine and beer gardens, the festival boasts traditional Bavarian food, from bratwurst to pretzels. 

The Alpengarten offers a more intimate setting with acoustic music, while the Weingarten provides a selection of the finest wines. And for those looking for some light-hearted fun, the wiener dog race is a must-watch, drawing chuckles and cheers from the crowd. Our guests and residents love this event, as Mt. Angel is conveniently located less than 10 minutes from Silver Spur! 

Winter Favorite: Silverton Christmas Market

The Silverton Christmas Market is the epitome of holiday cheer. As winter sets in, the market comes alive with over a million lights, casting a magical glow over the Oregon Garden. The authentic German Christmas Market is a shopper’s paradise, offering everything from handcrafted gifts to imported German nutcrackers. 

The market’s Biergarten is the perfect spot to enjoy a festive brew, while the snowless tubing hill promises fun for the young and the young-at-heart. With carolers filling the air with melodies and fire pits to keep you warm, it’s a winter wonderland like no other, drawing crowds from all over Oregon. 

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Salem Oregon RV Adventures: Staying Close to the Action

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Salem and Silverton are home to countless unique and unforgettable experiences waiting to be discovered. From cultural festivals to seasonal celebrations, there’s a world to explore here in the central Willamette Valley! So pack your bags, load up your RV, and come on over to Silver Spur RV Park & Resort to experience all the excitement that awaits just outside your RV doorstep. 

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